What Are The Best Schools In Letchworth Garden City?

A List of The Best Schools in Letchworth Garden City

Numerous individuals opt to move their families, driven largely by the desire to offer their children an improved educational environment, turning the choice of the right school into a crucial decision. For parents considering relocation to Letchworth Garden City, we have assembled a thorough list of the top schools in the region.

This compilation will be arranged alphabetically, providing the Ofsted ratings for each school located in Letchworth Garden City, and delivering valuable insights to facilitate well-informed decision-making.

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Ofsted Ratings Explained

The Ofsted ratings result from comprehensive inspections carried out at schools. Although schools are typically informed about the timing of these inspections, they do not receive advance notice. This approach ensures that inspectors gather an authentic assessment of the school's performance across various criteria.

After the inspections, schools are categorized into one of four grades that reflect their overall quality and effectiveness, namely:

  • Outstanding
  • Good
  • Requires Improvement
  • Inadequate


Currently, there are no schools within Letchworth Garden City that are considered to be Outstanding by Ofsted metrics. This does not mean that children will not be properly educated if they attend a school in the area, the ability to achieve an Outstanding grade can take years and many inspections. Several nearby schools do achieve this grade including:

  • Fairfield Park Lower School
  • Hitchen Boys School
  • Hitchen Girls School
  • Round Diamond Primary School


In Letchworth Garden City, 11 schools have earned a 'Good' rating from Ofsted. Generally, institutions designated as 'Good' undergo inspections within a five-year period following their last assessment. While these inspections are typically brief, a more thorough evaluation may be initiated if there are signs indicating the need for a deeper review. Such circumstances might arise if there are indications of an overall decline in the provider's performance.

Fearnhill School

Fearnhill School fosters a happy and secure environment where pupils consider it a 'family.' Positive relationships with staff and peers are highly valued in which tolerance and compassion are instilled, celebrating diversity without bullying concerns.

Elevated expectations from leaders guide pupils toward success, with well-established routines supporting full participation. Engaged in lessons, students learn effective memory strategies, achieving well academically. Appropriate behaviour is consistently maintained, creating a calm and orderly school atmosphere. Pupils enjoy school, praising enriching activities like sports and performing arts, enhancing confidence through programs like 'Fearnhill Flyers' with Balliol College, Oxford.

Garden City Academy

Garden City Academy is a commendable school led by an ambitious headteacher with high expectations for both the institution and its members. Collaborating with dedicated leaders and the local governing board, there is a steadfast commitment to ensuring the academic success of all pupils.

Pupils excel in reading and mathematics, with writing skills, especially in key stage 1, requiring further enhancement. Students with low prior attainment progress well, receiving targeted support. Leaders prioritise overcoming barriers for disadvantaged pupils, ensuring strong progress. Pupils, confident in their safety, exhibit good behaviour and positive attitudes toward learning.

Hillshott Infant School and Nursery

Hillshott Infant School and Nursery prioritise the happiness, safety, and well-being of pupils. They delight in engaging lessons, and diverse lunchtime and after-school clubs, fostering an inclusive environment. The school encourages family involvement, promoting understanding of how to support children's learning.

Leadership consistently seeks improvement, particularly to enhance outcomes for disadvantaged pupils in reading, writing, and mathematics. Behaviour is exemplary; from Nursery to Year 2, students collaborate harmoniously. Staff adeptly address challenges, ensuring swift resolution and uninterrupted learning. Pupils demonstrate thoughtfulness, and inclusivity, and rare instances of bullying are effectively handled by staff, reinforcing the school's positive atmosphere.

Lordship Farm Primary School

Lordship Farm Primary School fosters the development of pupils into active and influential citizens prepared for modern Britain. Their curriculum emphasises responsibility toward caring for the planet and its biodiversity, instilling awareness of their role in environmental stewardship.

The school cultivates a community where students confidently advocate for important issues, exemplified by their impact on regional dietary choices. Pupils are empowered with the belief that they can effect positive change in the world, embodying the school's message: 'You are never too small to make a difference.'

Northfields Infant and Nursery School

Northfields Infant and Nursery School cultivate spirited and enthusiastic learners, although adult expectations for pupils' achievements may not consistently reach their full potential. Pupils relish their time at school, feeling safe and assured that adults will address their concerns.

Well-established routines in early years facilitate the swift settlement of new students. Politeness and respect characterise pupil behaviour, as they explore self-awareness and belonging. They grasp the importance of saying 'no' and reporting any discomfort promptly, with issues resolved expeditiously. Engaging in community projects, and charity efforts, and embracing diversity, pupils demonstrate a broadened understanding of the world. Parents overwhelmingly commend the school's nurturing environment, describing it as 'caring and supportive' with 'wonderful, supportive staff.'

Norton St Nicholas C of E School

Norton St Nicholas CofE (VA) Primary School fosters happy pupils with an encouraging ethos. Politeness and kindness prevail among students, reflecting the school's nurturing environment. The broad, rich curriculum ensures preparation for later life, aligning with leaders' high expectations.

Open communication channels with staff, addressing bullying promptly, contribute to pupils feeling listened to and cared for. Enrichment activities, such as caring for giant African snails and forest school work, are valued by parents and pupils. Diverse clubs, from choir to arts and crafts, broaden interests, and leadership roles, like care committee members and eco-councillors, contribute to positive character development.

Pixmore Junior School

Pixmore Junior School's leadership team has upheld the school's high educational standards since the last inspection, fostering a safe and inclusive environment. Pupils' individual needs are prioritised, contributing to academic and social thriving. The school's core values, 'Include, Achieve, Aspire,' embodied through the 'Pixmore Way,' guide a well-structured curriculum, facilitating optimal pupil achievement.

The leadership team, earning staff respect, maintains a strong team ethic, ensuring that staff feel supported and listened to. Effective monitoring systems and accurate identification of improvement priorities showcase leadership's commitment. While some plans lack clarity on expected impact and measurement, governors use the provided information effectively to challenge and hold school leaders accountable.

St Thomas More Roman Catholic School

Enthusiastic learners abound at St Thomas More Roman Catholic Primary School, where pupils exhibit knowledge across a broad spectrum of subjects. Confidence and resilience characterise their learning, ensuring successful preparation for the next educational stage.

Pupils value diverse opportunities in music, drama, and sports, taking pride in contributing to school life through roles such as eco-council members and playground buddies. Sensitivity to others' feelings is ingrained, fostering a positive atmosphere. Parents overwhelmingly express positivity, appreciating the school's caring ethos that facilitates their children's thriving.

Stonehill School

Stonehill School offers a caring and nurturing environment where pupils are warmly greeted each morning, fostering a happy and conducive atmosphere for learning. Trusting relationships with adults create a sense of safety and well-being, with students describing the school as a 'friendly place' and a 'family.'

Classrooms are bustling centres of learning, with pupils motivated to work hard, be attentive, and explore new knowledge. An 'anxiety-relief' space, the 'rainbow room,' is available, and occasional disputes are swiftly resolved. Pupils utilise 'voice boxes' for concerns, confident that adults will address worries promptly. Monthly values are celebrated through the 'Stonehill Star' recognition, promoting positive behaviour. Pupils engage in community-focused visits and eagerly anticipate exciting trips, such as the Year 6 residential adventure.

The Grange Academy

The Grange Academy provides an enjoyable learning experience for pupils who explore diverse topics daily. Appreciating the supportive teachers, positive adult-pupil relationships cultivate a caring atmosphere, ensuring students feel secure. Leaders maintain high expectations for academic success, motivating diligent work in lessons.

Pupils acknowledge occasional behavioural challenges but value the supportive presence of adults. Bullying is not perceived as an issue, with pupils confident in swift resolution if needed. Emphasis on values like kindness, respect, and tolerance is reinforced through assemblies, promoting positive peer recognition.

The Highfield School

The Highfield School is led by caring individuals with high expectations, dedicated to the best outcomes for pupils and students. The majority of pupils enjoy school, participating in various extracurricular activities, and fostering a sense of community through after-school sports.

Pupils express feeling safe, with a voice through the school council and participation in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. While most exhibit good behaviour, a small proportion reports inappropriate language and behaviour, prompting proactive measures. The school is part of the 'great representations' program, and sixth-form students note positive changes, describing an increasingly inclusive environment and praising the school's commitment to improvement.

Requires Improvement

At present, there are two schools in Letchworth Garden City categorized as 'Requires Improvement.' Schools falling into this category are subject to a complete inspection by Ofsted within a timeframe ranging from 12 to 30 months.

Icknield Infant and Nursery School

Icknield Infant and Nursery School exudes a tranquil and joyful atmosphere, where early years children establish positive connections with staff that flourish as they progress. Pupils confidently express themselves, trusting adults to address their concerns and ensure their safety. The engaging learning environment, starting in the early years, fosters a love for school.

Students work diligently, taking pride in their achievements, guided by leaders with high expectations spanning Nursery to Year 2. Character education promotes kindness, resilience, and improved learning. Though incidents of bullying are promptly handled, pupils desire more extracurricular opportunities, expressing enthusiasm for activities like forest school, music, and technology in the curriculum.

Wilbury Junior School

Students find joy in attending Wilbury Junior School, benefiting from a diverse curriculum that broadens their worldview. Their strong work ethic and enthusiasm for learning are evident, yet some struggle to make expected progress in specific subjects, impacting readiness for the next educational stage. Despite this, pupils are welcoming, and polite, and settle quickly into routines, feeling happy and secure. Instances of bullying are rare and swiftly addressed. Students acknowledge the support provided, aiding them in overcoming challenges. Exhibiting commendable behaviour, they take pride in their learning, becoming confident and resilient learners. Parents express overwhelming positivity, lauding leaders and staff for fostering a caring school environment.

Moving to Letchworth Garden City for Education

Letchworth Garden City offers a diverse range of Key Stage 1, 2, 3, and 4 educational opportunities for children. If you're contemplating a relocation to the area for educational reasons, A. Water & Sons Removals can facilitate a seamless and stress-free move, especially challenging when relocating with a family.

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