Why You Should Move to Stevenage: A Guide

Is Stevenage a Nice Place to Live?
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Stevenage, nestled in the heart of Hertfordshire, presents itself as a lively and inclusive community, teeming with opportunities for prospective residents.

This comprehensive guide aims to equip you with a thorough understanding of what life in Stevenage entails, from its historical roots to its contemporary charm, ensuring a seamless transition for those contemplating a move.

Housing & House Prices

From quaint cottages in the Old Town to modern developments in the New Town, Stevenage's housing landscape caters to diverse tastes and preferences. 

The average house price is around £331,000. Depending on the type of house you are looking for the average price varies from:

  • Detached - £541,000
  • Semi-detached - £391,000
  • Terraced - £326,000
  • Flats - £179,000

Each neighbourhood has its own distinct character, offering residents a unique blend of amenities and ambience. 

A Rich Heritage

Stevenage's historical significance extends beyond its Roman origins. As the first New Town designated under the New Towns Act of 1946, its evolution mirrors the broader narrative of post-war urban planning in Britain. This historical context adds layers of intrigue to the town's streets, where centuries-old architecture coexists harmoniously with modern developments.

Key Demographics

Stevenage's demographics reflect its reputation as a welcoming and inclusive community. Beyond statistical figures, this diversity fosters a cultural tapestry enriched by a myriad of traditions, languages, and perspectives. The majority of the population are English born, at 81% of the population. Followed by Indian, Romanian and Polish born residents at less than 2% for each demographic group. 

Economy & Education

Stevenage's economic prosperity is intertwined with its commitment to education and innovation. The town's thriving industries provide ample employment opportunities across various sectors, ensuring a robust job market for skilled professionals. It is home to many scientific and technological businesses. The proximity to London also benefits the town with strong links to the capital.

Meanwhile, its educational institutions, from primary schools to higher education campuses, nurture the next generation of talent, driving forward progress and innovation. There are many schools with Ofstead outstanding ratings, with many also with good ratings. Specialist schools include, Greenside School which caters to children with severe learning difficulties and Lonsdale School for children with physical and neurological impairments.

Transportation & Healthcare

Stevenage enjoys exceptional transportation connections, boasting regular train services from Stevenage Train Station that link the town to prominent destinations including London Kings Cross, Cambridge, Brighton, and other key cities. 

Moreover, an extensive bus network enhances local mobility, offering residents convenient access to nearby amenities and surrounding areas, even for those without access to a car.

For individuals preferring travel by road, Stevenage's strategic location ensures seamless connectivity to the national road network. Easy access to major motorways such as the A1(M) and M25 simplifies commuting to neighbouring towns and cities, while also facilitating leisure and business travel with utmost convenience.

Stevenage hosts a variety of healthcare facilities, such as the Lister Hospital and the Southgate Health Centre, ensuring residents have access to a broad spectrum of medical services. From urgent care to specialised treatments, individuals can receive top-notch medical attention in close proximity to their homes.

Furthermore, Stevenage residents benefit from a network of general practitioner (GP) services distributed throughout the town. With convenient operating hours and easily accessible locations, accessing healthcare services is hassle-free and straightforward for all.

Food & Fun

Stevenage's recreational offerings cater to a diverse range of interests and passions. Whether indulging in outdoor adventures in Shephalbury Park, immersing oneself in cultural experiences at Stevenage Museum and Gordon Craig Theatre, or savouring culinary delights at local eateries, there's no shortage of ways to unwind and rejuvenate in Stevenage.

Community & Safety

At the heart of Stevenage lies a strong sense of community, fostered by vibrant social spaces and community initiatives. From libraries and community centres to grassroots organisations, residents have ample opportunities to connect with neighbours and build meaningful relationships. 

Stevenage boasts a comparatively low crime rate when measured against national averages, standing 7% below the UK's overall crime rate. It holds the distinction of being the second safest major town in Hertfordshire. However, it's important to note that Stevenage's crime rate is 30% higher than the average for Hertfordshire as a whole.

Moving to Stevenage

Embarking on a journey to Stevenage promises a tapestry woven with opportunities and experiences. Whether drawn by its reasonable house prices, rich history, scientific work prospects, or excellent transport links, Stevenage beckons individuals and families alike to call it home.

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