A Guide to Moving to Letchworth Garden City

Moving to Letchworth Garden City: A Guide

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Hertfordshire, Letchworth Garden City stands as a testament to urban planning excellence. This thriving town, known for its unique blend of history and modernity, beckons individuals seeking an enriching living experience.

Brief Overview of Letchworth Garden City

Letchworth Garden City, the world's first garden city, was conceived by Ebenezer Howard in the early 20th century. Its inception aimed to combine the best of urban and rural living—a vision that has endured through the years. Letchworth was the first place in the UK to install a roundabout in 1909. Today, it stands as a beautiful town, offering a lifestyle first envisioned by Mr Howard.

A Prime Location for Commuting

The primary benefit of living in Letchworth Garden City is its proximity to London. Several businesses moved out of London in the early 20th Century, yet now commuters find it a convenient location for a daily commute to the capital.

Letchworth is a fantastic location for commuters to North London. With rapid rail connectivity directly to King’s Cross in less than 40 minutes, residents enjoy swift access to the bustling heart of London. The town also is located not far from the A1 commuters via road find their trip to London very efficient.

A Family Town


Letchworth takes pride in its diverse array of schooling options. From esteemed public schools to specialised academies, parents can choose the best educational path for their children.

Some schools in Letchworth Garden City include:

  • Primary: Lordship Farm Primary School, Fairfield Park Lower School, Round Diamond Primary School
  • Secondary: Fernhill School, Hitchen Boys School, Hitchen Girls School

On top of this, the University of Bedfordshire is easily accessible for students that live in Letchworth.

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Green Spaces and Recreational Facilities

Letchworth provides an abundance of green spaces and recreational facilities. Parks and gardens dot the landscape, providing havens for relaxation and play. The largest green area is North Common, with Broadway Gardens providing a beautiful, peaceful area for residents of the town.

Economic Opportunities

The aforementioned proximity to London is the perfect way for the people of Letchworth to take advantage of the economic opportunities.

*Local Job Market*

Beyond its residential charm, Letchworth boasts a thriving job market. Diverse industries, from technology to healthcare, offer a range of career opportunities. The entrepreneurial landscape is also vibrant, making it an attractive destination for those with ambitions of starting their own ventures.

*Cost of Living*

Contrary to the expense of living in London, Letchworth offers an affordable lifestyle. The cost of living index is favourable compared to the surrounding area with the rent and bills for a single person reaching around £1400 on average.

House prices in the area are on average £380,000 according to Zoopla. This is significantly above the national average, yet much lower than the average house price in Hertfordshire (£554,000).



One of Letchworth's distinctive features is its adherence to garden city design principles. The town's architecture harmoniously blends historic charm and modern functionality. Historic buildings and landmarks, such as the Broadway Cinema and the Cloisters, add a touch of timeless elegance.

Cultural and Social Scene

Letchworth's cultural and social scene is vibrant and diverse. From arts and entertainment venues, like Broadway Cinema, to community events that celebrate the town's rich heritage, there's always something happening.

An important part of Letchworth is the Outdoor Pool, which is heated for toddlers to enjoy a paddle. Then in winter, it opens as an ice rink for the town and the surrounding area.

For adults, there are plenty of local pubs and bars to provide an excellent nightlife. These include:

  • George IV
  • The Fox at Willian
  • The Three Horseshoes
  • The Platform

Moving to Letchworth Garden City

If you are considering where next to move then Letchworth Garden City is a wonderful option, especially if you need to commute to North London.

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